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East Penn Manufacturing Company manufactures Deka Batteries and lays claim to being the worlds largest and most modern independent battery maker.  With over $1B in revenues, several million sq. ft. of manufacturing floor space and close to 5,000 employees – it’s easy to understand why they are the largest in the world. 

The company was started by DeLight Breidegam, Jr. in 1946 and is the largest manufacturing employer in Berks County. There are several facilities located in the Lyons/Kutztown area and they also have a facility in Iowa – although, the majority of their products come right out of Berks County.deka1

After WWII, materials for new batteries were scarce so DeLight and his father began collecting old batteries and rebuilt them into new batteries. The company started their business by recycling and to this day, East Penn Manufacturing still makes recycling batteries and material a core part of their business.

So when shopping for a new battery for your car, boat, recreational vehicle, farm equipment, or other large or small engines, check out Deka batteries.  They also just inked a relationship with a Japanese company and they will be manufacturing batteries to “fuel” hybrid vehicles – and important development at Deka.

Purchasing Deka batteries can be  a bit of a challenge, as they are not sold at big box retailers – but, you can find a dealer near you on their website when it comes time to replace any type of large battery in any array of products.

For a list of locations, click this link.

For more information, visit The Company Website.


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In what could be described as the picture perfect Pennsylvania “garage company” – in 2003, two avid hunters and Penn State engineering diamondbackstudents put their heads together trying to solve the Pennsylvania outdoorsmen quandry – how to get the maximum payload capacity out of a pick-up truck.  They built a diamond plate aluminum truck cover that could support the weight of a four wheeler while maintain the usability of the space underneath.  I’m going to make a wild guess that they may have been worried about where to put a deer if they were hauling there ATV as well, but common sense tells you that this product could be used for all sorts of things.  What would result is the fast growing, Philipsburg, Pa based Diamondback Truck Covers.  Take a moment to look at their webpage – they have some really great products and customers have written some glowing reviews.

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