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Pyrex – the brand that 75% have in our cupboards – the tempered glass cookware that we use to cook and tote baked beans, casseroles, and sweet potatoes to Thanksgiving dinners, Super Bowl parties, and to our dining room tables – is, indeed, made in Charleroi, Pennsylvania. 

Pyrex is a Corning product that was originally developed as a lantern glass for railroad signals.  The signals were subjected to intense heat and would often break when hit with rain or snow.  Pyrex is a “low expansion” glass made from silica and a smattering of other materials.  It is cooked at over  3000 degrees to mold a extremely heat resistant product that is exceptionally durable.  It has the extraordinary characteristic of absorbing heat rather than reflecting heat – which, regular glass, porcelains and enamels tend to do.  Pyrex is also see through (as we know)- allowing bakers to easily check when their dish is finished by gazing through the bottom.  pyrex

As legend has it – Pyrex became a consumer produt after a wife of a Corning employee implored her husband to bring home some of the material that his company had developed – she had heard about its resistance to heat and its durability.  What she discovered was that the “cookware” had some astounding properties – it was incredibly durable, food cooked eveningly within the dishes and in less time, and it was naturally “non-stick”.  The husband and wife pair took the idea to the product designers and Corning cookware was born.  It took years to persuade kitchen goers that glass was a suitable cookware – but, eventually the product would become one of the most widely used and recognized brand names in American kitchens.

Pyrex is distributed worldwide and has always been manufactured in Pennsylvania.  They do import some of their plastic coverings and other metal products, such as their Grip-Rite products – but the rest originates in Charleroi.

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All-Clad began producing artisan cookware in the 1970’s after discovering that bonding (cladding) different metals together gave the resulting product heating qualities not found in individual metals.  The cladded products proved to be ideal for cooking and the company began marketing professional quality cookware products.  All-Clad developed a strong following amongst professional chefs and other avid cookers because of the cookware’s “extraordinary qualities, striking aesthetics and exemplary cooking performance of this revolutionary bonded cookware.”  Today, the company enjoys the reputation of manufacturing the finest pieces of cookware in the world.  It is the only bonded cookware that is made in the United States and is manufactured with all American made materials.  Company Website

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If you’re in the market for a restaurant quality stove for your home, perhaps a custom colored, hand-crafted, gas stove with both the bluestar2ability to cook at very high and very low temperatures – your first stop should be Reading based Prizer Painter to take a look at BlueStar stoves.  Prizer Painter has been in business since that 1880’s and is still manufacturing stoves in Reading.  The company has adapted over the years, originally selling coal ranges and furnaces, later it focused on restaurants and businesses, now the company sells high-end residential stoves with the helping hand of celebrity chefs.  The company has a cult-like following and describes itself as a small company, but folks from all over the country and world fly to test out the stoves in the Reading showroom.  Company Website.

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