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Vacon, a $320 million (2007 revenue) global engine manufacturer based in Finland, is locating its North American headquarters in Chambersburg, Pa.  The facility will hold both product development and testing facilities under the same roof and is projected to create 94 jobs.  If all goes as plan, the company will open the facility in 2009. 

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Williamsport, Pa based Lycoming Engines started as a sewing machine manufacturer in 1845 when the lumber industry ruled the town.  By 1907, the automobile was making headlines and fast becoming a way of life for Americans – driving the shift for Lycoming Engines from sewing machines to automobile engines.  In 1929, Lycoming Engines successfully produced its first aircraft engine to power a beech wood bi-plane.  By the 1930’s – LycomingEngines became the world’s preeminent manufacturer of piston aircraft engines.  After World War II – Lycoming Engines was award the prestigious E-Award for its contributions to the war.  The company eventually would fall on difficult times in the 1980s because of a slow aircraft engine market, nearly going out of business – but, by 1997 – over 85% of new general aviation aircraft were powered by Lycoming Engines.  Today, over 50% of all general aviation aircraft use a Lycoming Engine.

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Mack Truck, the world’s leading producer of heavy-duty trucks, is still built right here in Pennsylvania. The North American headquarters are based out of Allentown and a major manufacturing operation is appropriated located in Macungie. There is also a re-manufacturing facility in Middletown where refurbished trucks are put together. In 2006, Mack Truck had a record year – selling more trucks than ever before – in part because if its global presence with sales in over 45 countries. Mack Truck is also well known for innovation having been responsible for cab air-suspension, the 5-speed transmission (in trucks), and a recently introduced low-emissions truck that has 15% better fuel efficiency than traditional models.  The company has a museum and tour if you have a weekend free.   Company Website.

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