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Boyertown, Pa based Pro Tool Industries is the proud manufacturer of The Original Woodman’s Pal – which, by all accounts looks like it could do some damage to Pennsylvania underbrush….snaggle weed and trip grass.  Pick your poison.  This tool is “designed to trim, prune, chop, split, blaze trails, brush out lines, clear campsites, chop firewood, split kindling, build hunting blinds or lean-to-shelters.”   Hmm, it may in fact cook eggs, clean dishes, and go to work on Mondays for you.woodmans

The Woodman’s Pal has been manufactured in Pennsylvania since 1941 and has a long history of impressing its customers.  Field & Stream featured it in an article “20 Best Knives ever made.”  What’s unique about it is that it has enough heft to it to serve as both an axe and a machete – the hook is useful for grabbing and cutting brush or grass – anything that’s not going to yield to the other side of the blade.  If you peruse the testimonials – the theme that resonates is that it’s an extremely useful and well made piece of equipment.  Several of the products have leather handles and the company offers a no-questions-asked guarantee on the product.

You can purchase the Woodman’s Pal on the website of you can browse the long list of dealers that carry the product all over the United States – there are a dozen or so in Pennsylvania.  

Website…Woodman’s Pal


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W.R. Case & SonsIn a day and age where you are more likely to find a iPod, cell phone, and USB drive in someone’s jeans pocket than a knife, W.R. Case still manages to produce and sell the same high quality, handcrafted knives that made it a famous at the turn of the previous century.  The Case brothers originally started selling handcrafted knives off of the back of wagon in upstate New York in 1889.  By 1905, the company was recognized as the premier knife company in the U.S. when the relocated their company to Bradford, Pa.  Soon after, the company was called upon by the Government to produce knives for servicemen and women during World War I.  According the company’s website, Dwight D. Eisenhower was one of the many famous avid collectors of Case knives.  Perhaps, on one of his many fishing trips to Pennsylvania or on a visit to his brother at Penn State is where the former President became enamoured with Case knives.  Case knives are a great piece of Americana and a great piece of Pennsylvania history.  W.R. Case knives are manufactured primarily in Bradford and are 100% American made.


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