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Here in the Northeast and in the southern states, stink bugs have taken up residence after being introduced from Asia in the 1990’s.  They can damage your crops, fruits and vegetables and are a real nuisance around the house.  You’ll find them in your food, they crawl up your walls and can be found in every nook and cranny in the house.  Not to mention they really do make your fingers stink when you pick them up.

What can be done about these nasty pests?

An enterprising Pennsylvanian decided that he had enough of these stink bugs so he devoted time and effort into developing a trap.  It is Strube’s Stink Bug Trap.  He designed several different models for different uses.  There is even a very large custom made sting bug trap for orchards.  Visit Strube’s website for more details.  You can purchase the traps on-line.  Strube’s Stink Bug Traps.

Strube bases his operation in Columbia, Pa, which sits on the Susquehanna, half way between York and Lancaster.


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Channellock is the crown jewel of Meadville, Pa and has been so for over a century.  The company had it’s origins in 1886 when a enterprising blacksmith, George DeArment, would sell his hand forged tools off of the back of a horse drawn wagon.  His specialty was farrier tools (equine foot care)  and the company’s name was the Champion Bolt & Clipper Company. channellock

DeArment’s products became widely known for their quality – spawning orders from all over the country and the world.  In 1904, the company moved to Meadville and expanded it’s product line to include clippers, nippers and wrenches.  In 1914, the company added hammers.  Finally, in 1933 came the pinacle moment for the company – the introduced a multi-position, tongue and groove, slip-joint style of pliers dubbed Channellock, which would become the namesake of the company. 

Today Channellock earns over $33M in revenue and has the vast majority of its manufacturing base in Meadville (screwdrivers and nut drivers are made overseas).  The company has over 200,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space and employs several hundred pennsylvanians.  The company is operated by 5th generation DeArments. 

You can purchase just about any type of plier or nipper from Channellock online and you are likely to find them stocked in your local Sears, Walmart or Ace Hardware.  Look for the light blue handles on their tools!

Channellock Website

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