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Pennsylvania Buy Fresh, Buy Local has an excellent website that allows you to tap into a wealth of local retailers, farmers markets and  restaurants that sell Pennsylvania grown products. 

They also feature a great blog that has everyday information on eating healthy, shopping smart and staying abreast of developments in Pennsylvania.

I’ve read a lot of blogs, websites, and magazines and this one deserves strong consideration for the top of the heap. 

It will take you all of 5 minutes to find a retailer within 10 miles selling locally grown food.

Website Link



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East Penn Manufacturing Company manufactures Deka Batteries and lays claim to being the worlds largest and most modern independent battery maker.  With over $1B in revenues, several million sq. ft. of manufacturing floor space and close to 5,000 employees – it’s easy to understand why they are the largest in the world. 

The company was started by DeLight Breidegam, Jr. in 1946 and is the largest manufacturing employer in Berks County. There are several facilities located in the Lyons/Kutztown area and they also have a facility in Iowa – although, the majority of their products come right out of Berks County.deka1

After WWII, materials for new batteries were scarce so DeLight and his father began collecting old batteries and rebuilt them into new batteries. The company started their business by recycling and to this day, East Penn Manufacturing still makes recycling batteries and material a core part of their business.

So when shopping for a new battery for your car, boat, recreational vehicle, farm equipment, or other large or small engines, check out Deka batteries.  They also just inked a relationship with a Japanese company and they will be manufacturing batteries to “fuel” hybrid vehicles – and important development at Deka.

Purchasing Deka batteries can be  a bit of a challenge, as they are not sold at big box retailers – but, you can find a dealer near you on their website when it comes time to replace any type of large battery in any array of products.

For a list of locations, click this link.

For more information, visit The Company Website.

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Bright Star makes industrial strength flashlights that you will not find in Walmart or even your neighbor’s closet.  At least…not in most of your neighbor’s closests anyway.  Purchasers of Bright Star products expect more out of their flashlights because they are often firefighters, police men and women, miners, or involved in some other serious occupation.  These types of Pennsylvanians rely on their flashlight in situations that we would never dream of encountering.  In fact…I found a police website discussing Bright Star and it’s evident that the quality of their flashlight is a bit of a source of pride.  I suppose if I used a flashlight every day on a night shift – I too would start to become attached to mine as well. 

Bright Star is based out of a 90,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Hanover Township, Pennsylvania (Luzerne County).  They werbrightstare established in 1909 as a battery company and introduced a high-impacted, injected molded flashlight in the 1940’s.  The product was aimed at the mining industry which was prominent in Luzerne County.  Their products are distributed by WESCO, but you can find a few for sale on Ebay and other outlets on the internet.

Company Website

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Pennsylvania produces more confectionary products that any state in the country – while a large amount of  this comes out of Hershey, Pa – you will be pleasantly surprised that there are other well-known chocolatiers calling Pennsylvania home.  One of these well-known’s is Gertrude Hawk – based in Dunmore, Pa – a suburb on Scranton.  You’ve likely seen their store fronts in one of your local malls or purchased one of their chocolate bars from a local fundraising effort.

Gertrude Hawk has been manufacturing chocolate in Pennsylvania since the Great Depression.  The company was started by Gertrude Hawk, who began producing chocolates out of her kitchen to help support her family.  Gertrude had developed an affinity an gertrudehawkunderstanding of how to make chocolate years before when she had worked at a candy shop at the age of 12.  Gertrude had quit school after her father died to help earn money to support her mother and her who suffered from a heart ailment.  Gertrude married at the age of 19 and raised two sons, Elmer and Richard. 

Elmer later returned from World War II after being kept as a prisioner-of-war for a year and a half.  He took his pay that he earned and invested it into his mother’s business.  At the time, the company was earning less than $3,000 a year in revenues, but it helped the Hawk family make ends meet. 

Gertrude Hawk Chocolates bumped (a lot of bumps) along for many years before some of its partnerships with local churches and organizations to use the chocolate for fundraising purposes began yielding results.  In 1959, Gertrude Hawk Chocolates was grossing $120k/year, which was a substantial milestone in transitioning to the enterprise that it is today.

In 1992, Elmer retired from day-to-day operations and his son David, who had been working at the company since graduating from Penn State.  David later turned the reigns over to Bill Aubrery and the two now run the company.

Today – Gertrude Hawk has over $90 million in revenues – has over 75 stores across the mid-Atlantic and employees over 1,000 hard-working American’s – most of them fellow Pennsylvanians.

Check out their company website to order chocolate or find a store near you.

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In an effort to find a Pennsylvania manufacturer that makes everything in the average home – I was very happy to stumble across Bloomsburg Carpet.  You guessed it – they’re base in Bloomsburg, Pa.  Bloomsburg Carpet has been weaving high quality carpet for the past 30 years.  bloomsburgcarpet

Bloomsburg Carpet and its subsidiaries weave a wide assortment of carpets – but Bloomsburg itself specializes in quality, wool carpets.  The carpets are ECO friendly, they don’t release nasty toxins into your home, and they are build by Pennsylvanians.  They’re certainly worth a look.

They currently employee roughly 200+ Pennsylvanians and have a great assortment of carpet that you can browse (partially) online.  There’s also listings for where you can purchase the carpet in your corner of the state or country.

Company Website

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Perhaps, this lousy economy has me thinking of ways to drown my sorrows.  I got so excited that I found a Pennsylvania made spirit in Bluecoat American Dry Gin that I ran out and bought a bottle and quickly made up a martini.  Perhaps,  I could have waiting until after lunch 😉  bc2

I jest…mostly anyway.  The truth is – Bluecoat Gin is hardly the stuff you drown your sorrows in.  It is well-recognized as one of the top handcrafted, small batch gins in the country.  Bluecoat Gin is distilled 5 times with the usual juniper berries, but also with a special blend of citrus peels to give it extra zest.  It has won quite a few tasting contests in the United States and Europe – beating out well-knowns like Beefeater, Tanqueray and Bombay Sapphire.  The results haven’t gone unnoticed – Bluecoat has received a lot of attention since it rolled out of the distillery in 2006 – they’ve been featured in dozens of magazines, including Forbes Life, GQ, Wine & Spirits Magazine, Imbibe Magazine and many others.  Even the Dutch would be proud.

Bluecoat American Dry Gin was the brainchild of Rob Cassell – a Philadelphia area resident who was inspired by the success of local brewers and wineries.  His thought was rather natural – why the hell aren’t their any distilleries in Philadelphia.  Eureka!  Cassell enrolled in a distilling school in Scotland and went through the groundbreaking process of applying for a Pennsylvania distilling license.  Being the first distillery since prohibition – there weren’t many state employees left who had experience issuing such a license.  Cassell partnered with some friends and launched Philadelphia Distilling in 2005.

Bluecoat is distributed at quite a few liquor stores – but, check out their store locatorto find one in your area.  You would expect to pay about $26 for a “fifth”.  The $26 goes to a good cause – Bluecoat is the first craft distiller to open in Pennsylvania since prohibition – let’s make sure that it’s not also the first to close.

Company Website – Ordering Information Online

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American Holtzkraft is described as “the best kept secret in Central Pennsylvania.”  Understandably so – they’re located in Mount Pleasant Mills, Pa  (pop. 342) – which is lost somewhere between Harrisburg and Williamsport in the rural heartland.  To be a little more precise, the company is a few moments from the Susquehanna, an hour north of Harrisburg and perhaps just a touch longer from State College.hk

American Holtzkraft manufacturers high quality umbrellas and outdoor furniture out of Ash, Brass and two parts TLC from the locals that work there.  The company has carved out a reputation for itself and you can find their umbrellas all over the world.  They hold 8 patents for manufacturing and umbrella design.  That is a testament to their dedication if not their innovation – patents are not for the faint of heart and fly-by-night companies don’t bother with the effort. 

American Holtzkraft was started in 1985 by an apple farmer family that had months of downtime between harvests.  Phillip and Barbara Apple (yes, their last name is Apple) believed that they could utilize the local Amish wood workmanship and the abundance of hardwood in Pennsylvania to start American Holtzkraft.  The company is still a small family owned business, but continues to grow in reputation and in success.  In 2006 they signed a contract with Tommy Bahama to provide the outdoor umbrellas that adorn their restaurants.

To order an umbrella – check out their website and give them a call…

American Holtzkraft

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